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We are drone enthusiasts who recognize that we need all drone users to fly responsibly. We created this website to help users understand the drone laws. We hope it helps you follow the rules and regulations wherever you fly.

“Drone Laws” is a not-for-profit NGO; volunteers manage this website.

Our volunteers regularly check the various websites of drone regulators. They identify if there are any substantive changes to the drone laws. We will sometimes paraphrase the most important parts of the laws. Sometimes, we find it better to provide the language directly used by the regulators.

Drones overall will be more impactful than I think people recognize, in positive ways to help society.

Bill Gates

How To Use

Our database comprises a directory of drone laws by country. We also include some States or Provinces where applicable. On each page, you will find the latest drone regulations. We also provide extra resources and links to our sources or regulatory agencies.

We know drone laws change frequently. We suggest you use these pages as a starting point. Then, visit the source sites for the latest drone regulations and related information.

We encourage you to share your experiences in each jurisdiction. Your insights add to our collective knowledge of drone rules in that jurisdiction.

Directory of Drone Laws by Country, State, and Cities

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