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Elevate Your Drone Expertise: Must-Read Books About Drones

Whether you’re a hobbyist drone pilot or a professional, the right educational resources are critical for success. We compiled a top list of the most helpful drone books.

This hand-picked collection covers everything. You can learn about:

  • How drones work
  • Tips for flying well
  • Using drones to take photos and videos
  • Building your own drones
  • Drone rules
  • Making money with a drone business

Our favorite drone book even has a free digital version. We like it so much that we all carry it on our phones or tablets. And we keep a printed copy at the office in case we need it too.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the titles:

Our favorite books about Drones

TitleIdeal ForHighlights
Pilot’s Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA-H-8083-25CProfessionalsFAA guidelines, easy language, and colorful illustrations​​. There is even a free version.
Remote Pilot sUAS Study Guide (2023)Aspiring Professional PilotsFAA guidelines, easy language, and colorful illustrations​​.
Drones: The Complete CollectionUK ProfessionalsCovers a range of drone topics, concise and relevant information, and a friendly tone​​.
2023 Remote Pilot Test PrepFAA Exam CandidatesConcise, up-to-date with FAA regulations, and easy to understand​​.
Livin’ the Drone LifeDrone Business EntrepreneursOverview of the drone industry and business structures, commercial tech insights​​.
DIY Drones for the Evil GeniusExperienced Drone BuildersDetailed construction and customization guidance, focus on quadcopters​​.
The Photographer’s Guide to Drones, 2nd EditionPhotographers and VideographersPractical tips for aerial photography and videography, accessible for beginners​​.
Build a Drone: A Step-by-Step GuideDrone Builders of All LevelsComprehensive coverage of exam topics, online practice tests, and clear explanations​​.
Drones: The Ultimate GuideProfessionals Seeking Expanded KnowledgeCovers a range of drone topics, concise and relevant information, friendly tone​​.
Drones: What Everyone Needs to Know®General AudienceComprehensive overview of drones, easy to read, focuses on military and commercial uses​​.
Introduction to UAV Systems (Aerospace Series)Beginners to ExpertsComprehensive building and flying guide, visual aids, and detailed instructions​​.
The Assassination ComplexWide-ranging topics on UAVs, real-world examples, and easy-to-understand language​​.Interested in the US Military Drone Program
On Killing Remotely: The Psychology of Killing with DronesPsychological Impact of Drone WarfareHistory of killing in war, evolution to drone warfare, psychological effects​​.
Drone Wars: Pioneers, Killing Machines, AI, and the FutureHistory and Future of Drone WarfareHistorical background, future analysis of drone warfare, global conflicts impact​​.
Precision Farming From AboveDrones in FarmingIn-depth look at US drone program, legality, and morality of drone warfare​​.
Must read Books about Drones

Want full book reviews detailing the ideal reader, accuracy, writing quality, visual aids, author expertise, and more?

Want to get a free copy of our favorite book we recommend to everyone interested in aviation, including drone pilots and operators, manned aircraft, and helicopter pilots?

Check out The Top Books About Drones That We Recommend

Happy reading on your quest to become a certified drone expert!

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