Drone Laws in Israel

Agencies Responsible for regulating drones in the State of Israel

Israel Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI)

CAAI Drone Section for Recreational Drone Flyers

UAS Laws – General rules for flying drones in Israel

The Israeli agency responsible for drone safety, CAAI, has provided several internet-accessible details on flying for fun or for work. The highlights are enumerated below. For more details, go to the link above.

Are drones allowed in Israel?

According to CAAI, drone use is allowed in Israel, subject to very strict CAAI regulations. Read on for more details.

Here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in Israel:

  • Avoid flying your drone over people or crowds. 
  • In Israel, commercial drone operations require a license. 
  • While flying, drone pilots must maintain a clear line of sight with their drones. 
  • When flying your drone, be mindful of other people’s privacy. 
  • Drones are not permitted to fly higher than 50 meters (164 feet) above the ground. 
  • Drones are not permitted to fly within a radius of two kilometers (1.2 miles) of an airport or airfield. 
  • Drones are not permitted to fly within 250 meters (820 feet) of people or structures. 
  • Avoid flying over Jerusalem’s Old Tower. 
  • Drones are not permitted to fly in No-Fly Zones.

Registering a drone in Israel

In Israel, drone registration is required.

There is an online registration portal to register your drone before entering the country: https://www.icd.org.il/english

To register a drone, you must be at least 16 years old. 

The registration fee is NIS 30.

To complete the registration, you need the following:

  • Your contact details and a copy of your ID
  • Debit and credit cards
  • Israel travel dates
  • Your drone serial number
  • Flight information

Where are drones restricted in Israel?

The Israeli Civil Aviation Authority restricts drone flights in the following:

  • Military installations
  • Keep off the airports and infrastructure assets

Note for Foreign Operators

If you’re visiting Israel and wish to bring your drone, the CAAI recommends the following special considerations for foreigners who want to fly drones:

  • Two permits are required: one from CAAI and another from the ministry of communication.
  • You will also be required to submit a declaration stating that you intend to use your drone solely for recreational purposes and not for commercial gain.
  • You must contact the ministry of communication directly to obtain the permit.
  • If you’re interested in flying your drone in Israel for commercial photography or videography, you can find information about the process in this CAAI-created document.

Import approval can be obtained before or after the item arrives in Israel. Please note that the item can only be released from customs after the buyer/importer has presented a valid import approval. In contrast, an import license must be obtained before the item arrives in Israel. Failing to do so is considered an offense that may lead to penalties (payment of a fine/ monetary composition).

Israel requirements for Drone Import by Tourist
Israel’s requirements for Drone Import by Tourist

Notes for recreational drone pilots flying for fun in Israel

See General Rules above.

Notes for operating Commercial Drone Services in Israel

All aerial operations considered for a “commercial purpose” require a license, which you must apply for with the appropriate authority.

Drone operators must obtain advanced licenses and pass a thorough examination, which will cost NIS 300.

In addition, a permit is needed to fly your drones within 500 feet of any structure. 

Useful published information on flying drones in Israel

Here is a sample of what you might expect if you follow the drone laws and fly in Israel…

NOTE: Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS), Small UAS, Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), and drone are interchangeable terms unless specified. Model Aircraft, toy, remote-controlled, and RC aircraft may be covered by the same regulations unless specified.

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  1. Hi,
    thanks for your post.
    Do Israelis need a permit to fly recreationally, and if yes, how/where do we register (the link above is for tourists only)?
    If we import one via a courier such as fedex, what papers would israelis need to provide Fedex for it to arrive to our doors without issue?

    Thanks in advance

    • Our understanding is that you do need to register. We do not have the link for locals to register. Please contact the regulator

    • Please note there is a difference between drones under 250g, which are toys, and drones under 250g with a camera attached. The latter do need to be registered in many countries.

      One of the comments above indicate that drones dont need to be registered if they are used recreationally. We dont see any specific regualtions based on the size of the drone. Plase contact the regulator for the best guidance

  2. Hi, where is the link for the registration?

    “There is an online registration portal through which you can register your drone before entering the country”

  3. I’ve emailed the CAAI and they said that drones do not require an registration nor licenses. Unless you’re flaying for comercial reasons. The rest of the rules apply. E.g can not fly above 50m…etc Just want to let you guys know so maybe you can change this page and help other people who is considering bring or buying a drone in Israel but are worried about the rules

  4. Here in Sde Boker people fly them often over our heads while we are trying to enjoy the desert silence. Drones should be banned for most people. Its an invasion of privacy and a horrible noise. Like having a mosquito in your brain.

  5. All day today a drone can be heard in Arnona Jerusalem. Police ssid it was ok, but it is not. It is terribly noisy particularly since it is clearly moving around, becoming louder and then more distant. It can’t be treated like white noise. It is noise pollution. It is 18:33 and it is still circling, and noisy.


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