Drone Laws in India

Agencies Responsible for regulating drones in the Republic of India

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Site for RPAS

India’s Digitalsky Website for drone registration and clearance

India Drone Regulations and August 2021 Updated Gazette of Regulations

Please note that DGCA has provided new drone rules in India. Please check the site for updates.

Updated July 14, 2022

Drone rules in India – General rules for flying drones in India

The Indian agency responsible for drone safety, DGCA, has provided a number of internet-accessible details on flying for fun or for work. The highlights are enumerated below. For more details go to the link above.

Are drones allowed in India?

According to DGCA, drone use is allowed in India, subject to DGCA regulations. Read on for more details.

Here are the most important rules to know for flying a drone in India:

The laws are quite detailed, and explicit, and should be reviewed before flying a drone in India. The laws are enumerated in this document: MINISTRY OF CIVIL AVIATION NOTIFICATION – New Delhi, the 25th August 2021 and announced Drone Amendment Rules 2022 with some additional liberalization of drone rules.

Drone Categories in India

The unmanned aircraft system shall be categorized into the following three categories, namely:––

  1. aeroplane;
  2. rotorcraft; and
  3. hybrid unmanned aircraft system.

The airplane, rotorcraft, and hybrid unmanned aircraft system shall be further sub-categorized as follows:––

  1. remotely piloted aircraft system;
  2. model remotely piloted aircraft system; and
  3. autonomous unmanned aircraft system.

Classification of unmanned aircraft systems.— The unmanned aircraft system shall, based on the maximum all-up weight including payload, be classified as follows:–––

  1. Nano unmanned aircraft system: weighing less than or equal to 250 grams (no permits required); You are required to ensure that you do not fly any nano drone beyond 50 ft (15m) Above Ground Level (AGL). Also, you will need permits, even for nano drones, if you fly in controlled airspaces like airports or other sensitive facilities.
  2. Micro unmanned aircraft system: weighing more than 250 grams, but less than or equal to 2 kilograms (No permits required for non-commercial usage only);
  3. Small unmanned aircraft system: weighing more than 2 kilograms, but less than or equal to 25 kilograms;
  4. Medium unmanned aircraft system: weighing more than 25 kilograms, but less than or equal to 150 kilograms; and
  5. Large unmanned aircraft system: weighing more than 150 kilograms.

Registration is required for all but the Nano category.

Drone Registration in India


  1. No person shall operate an unmanned aircraft system without first registering it on the digital sky platform and obtaining a unique identification number unless exempted from the requirement of a unique identification number under these rules.
  2. A registration record shall be maintained by the Director-General of all such unmanned aircraft systems to which a unique identification number has been issued under these rules.
  3. It shall be the responsibility of the person operating an unmanned aircraft system to ensure that such unmanned aircraft system conforms to a valid type certificate.

Application and procedure for registration:

  1. Any person who intends to register and obtain a unique identification number for his unmanned aircraft system shall make an application in Form D-2 on the digital sky platform along with the fee as specified in rule 46 and provide requisite details including the unique number of the type certificate to which such unmanned aircraft system conforms to.
  2. The digital sky platform shall verify the details and issue a unique identification number to the applicant.
  3. The unique identification number of an unmanned aircraft system shall be linked to the unique serial number provided by the manufacturer and the unique serial numbers of its flight control module and remote pilot station.
  4. No person shall replace the flight control module or remote pilot station of an unmanned aircraft system whose serial number is linked to such unmanned aircraft system’s unique identification number, without first updating, on the digital sky platform, the unique serial number of the new flight control module or remote pilot station, within a period of seven days from the date of such replacement or before operating such unmanned aircraft system, whichever is earlier.

Registration of existing unmanned aircraft systems:

  1. A person owning an unmanned aircraft system manufactured in India or imported into India on or before the 30th day of November 2021 shall, within a period of thirty-one days falling after the said date, make an application to register and obtain a unique identification number for his unmanned aircraft system and provide requisite details in Form D-2 on the digital sky platform along with the fee as specified in rule 46.
  2. The digital sky platform shall verify the details furnished under sub-rule (1) and issue a unique identification number to the applicant if the unmanned aircraft system:
    • has a valid Drone Acknowledgement Number issued by the digital sky platform on or before the date mentioned in sub-rule (1);
    • has a Goods and Service Tax paid invoice for the unmanned aircraft system; and
    • is part of the list of unmanned aircraft systems published on the digital sky platform by the Director-General.

Remote Pilot Certificate in India (previously Remote Pilot License)


No individual other than a holder of a valid remote pilot certificate enlisted on the digital sky platform shall operate an unmanned aircraft system. The Remote Pilot Certificate is not required when flying small to medium-sized drones up to 2kg for non-commercial drone use.


A remote pilot certificate shall specifically mention the category, sub-category, and classification of the unmanned aircraft system or a combination of these, for which it is issued.


An individual shall be eligible to obtain a remote pilot certificate if they––

  • are not less than eighteen years of age and not more than sixty-five years of age;
  • have passed the class tenth examination or its equivalent from a recognized Board; and
  • have successfully completed such training as may be specified by the Director-General, from any authorized remote pilot training organization.

Procedure for obtaining a remote pilot certificate

  1. Any individual, who desires to obtain a remote pilot certificate for any category, sub-category, or class of an unmanned aircraft system, or a combination thereof, shall complete the training specified by the Director-General for such category, sub-category, or class, and pass the tests conducted by the authorized remote pilot training organization.
  2. Within seven days of successful completion of the training and passing of the tests under sub-rule (1), the authorized remote pilot training organization shall make an application for a remote pilot certificate in Form D-4 on the digital sky platform along with the fee as specified in rule 46, providing details of the individual who has passed the test.
  3. The individual in respect of whom an application has been made by the authorized remote pilot training organization under sub-rule (2) shall be issued a remote pilot certificate through the digital sky platform.
  4. The Director-General shall, within fifteen days from the date of issue of the remote pilot certificate under sub-rule (3), issue the remote pilot certificate to such individual through the digital sky platform.

Note: you are not required to get a certificate from DGCA separately after getting trained from a DGCA-approved drone training institute. You will now get a ‘Remote Pilot Certificate’ from the DGCA-approved drone training institute itself after passing the course that will make you eligible to fly micro drones for commercial purposes.

Validity of Certificate

A remote pilot certificate shall––

  • be valid only if it is enlisted on the digital sky platform;
  • unless suspended or canceled, remain valid for a period of ten years;
  • be renewed by the Director-General for such period as may be specified therein, subject to a maximum period of ten years, on payment of fee as specified in rule 46:

Provided that the holder of the remote pilot certificate shall undergo such refresher course as may be specified by the Director-General on the digital sky platform from time to time.

Exemption from obtaining a certificate

No remote pilot certificate shall be required for

  • operating a nano unmanned aircraft system; and
  • operating a micro unmanned aircraft system for non-commercial purposes.

Insurance Requirements

The provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 (59 of 1988) and rules made thereunder shall apply, mutatis mutandis, to the third party insurance of unmanned aircraft system and compensation in case of damage to life or property caused by such an unmanned aircraft system:

Provided that a nano unmanned aircraft system may operate without third-party insurance.

A person operating an unmanned aircraft system may use an insurance product specially designed for such operations, as and when such insurance product is approved by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India.

Foreign Operators

Foreigners are currently not allowed to fly RPAs in India. For commercial purposes, they need to lease RPAS to an Indian entity who in turn will obtain a Unique Identification Number (UIN) and UAOP from DGCA.

What are the requirements for the import of RPAs (with or without a camera) in India?

  • Any entity intending to import RPAS in India shall obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for operating in a de-licensed frequency band(s). Such approval shall be valid for a particular make and model.
  • The applicant, other than the Nano category, shall apply to DGCA along with ETA for import clearance. Based upon the import clearance issued by DGCA, DGFT shall issue a license for the import of RPAS.

Notes for recreational drone pilots flying for fun in India


  • Ensure your Drone (except Nano in uncontrolled airspace up to 50ft) is Digital Sky “No Permission- No Takeoff” (NPNT) Compliant
  • Obtain a Unique Identification Number (UIN) from DGCA for operating in controlled airspace and affix it to your drone
  • Obtain an Unmanned Aircraft Operator Permit (UAOP), if applicable from DGCA for commercial operations and keep it handy
  • Obtain Permission before each flight through the Digital Sky Platform
  • Ensure the drone is in good condition (not damaged) and fit for flying safely.
  • Keep an eye on interference: Interference can be from mobile devices or blockage of signals, do watch out when flying your drone.
  • Fly only during daylight (after sunrise to before sunset)Fly in good weather: Good weather lets you not only fly your drone better but also keep track of it in the air.
  • Fly in visual line of sight (VLOS): Always be within the visual range of your drone.
  • Follow Flying Guidelines
  • Do your homework before spending considerable money on a drone. Make sure you clearly understand all operational and regulatory aspects.
  • Be aware of Airspace Restrictions/ No Drone Zones
  • Do stay away from airports and heliports
  • Respect the privacy of people
  • Keep local police informed about your drone flying activity. If you are ever approached by police provide all requisite information.
  • Do log your flights and inform concerned authorities (like DGCA, local police, etc.) of any incidents/ accidents


  • Don’t fly a Nano drone above 50ft (15m) from the ground level
  • Don’t fly a Micro drone above 200ft (60m) from the ground level
  • Don’t fly drones more than 400ft (120m) from the ground level
  • Don’t fly a drone near other aircraft (manned or unmanned)
  • Don’t fly a drone near airports and heliports
  • Don’t fly a drone over groups of people, public events, or stadiums full of people without permission
  • Don’t fly the drone over government facilities/military bases or over/ near any no-drone zones.
  • Don’t fly a drone over private property unless permission is given.
  • Don’t fly a drone in controlled airspace near airports without filing a flight plan orAAI/ADC permission (at least 24 hours before actual operation).
  • Don’t drop or carry hazardous material
  • Don’t fly a drone under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Don’t fly the drone from a moving vehicle, ship, or aircraft

Notes for operating Commercial Drone Services in India

See notes for hobbyists above.

In general, the process for receiving commercial clearance to fly an RPAS in India is quite complex, requiring applications and interactions with multiple agencies (see below).

Stakeholder Responsibility
1 Directorate General of Civil Aviation Import clearance
Issuance of UIN
Issuance & Renewal of UAOP
Suspension / Cancellation of UIN & UAOP in case of violations of regulations.
2 Directorate General of Foreign Trade Import license
3 Ministry of Home Affairs Security clearance
4 Ministry of Defence Permission for aerial survey/imageries/ videography/ still photography over the restricted/prohibited areas on a case-to-case basis
5 Indian Air Force Air Defence Clearance
Monitoring of RPA movements in the country
6 Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing, DoT Equipment Type Approval (ETA) or License for RPA
7 Bureau of Civil Aviation Security Approval of the Security Programme
8 Airport Authority of India Flight Plan Approval
Monitoring of RPA movements in the country
9 Local Police Office Enforcement of violators as per applicable IPCs

Useful published information on flying drones in India

Here is a video in Hindi (Indian language) on the 2022 India Drone Regulations…

Here is a video on what you can expect to see when flying a drone in India

NOTE: Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (SUAS), Small UAS, Remote Piloted Aerial Systems (RPAS), unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), and drone are interchangeable terms unless specified. Model, toy, remote-controlled, and RC aircraft may be covered by the same regulations unless specified.

Traveling with a Drone?

Click here to read our Comprehensive Guide For Traveling With A Drone.


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  1. Hi ,
    I am an Australian and intend to bring my DJI Mini3 Pro for recreational purpose. I tried to register the drone on digisky but it wont allow as i don’t have an indian passport. Am I allowed to bring my drone int India if so how do I register it?

  2. Hello,
    I am planning to purchase an agricultural spray/seeder rotor drone which would be approx. 30kg weight (when filled with spray liquid) specifically for agricultural purposes in unrestricted aerial area.
    If it is permitted, i plan to certify myself for drone operation.
    I may also use the drone for spraying purpose on other farmer’s land, hence on commercial basis.
    Is the case described allowed? if yes are there any provisions assisting/easing farmers to purchase/use drones for agricultural purposes?

    • This is a common usage of drones in many countries. Specifically in India it would be classified under commercial operations and is regulated. Those regulations are beyond the scope we cover here. As always we recommend you work directly with the regulator.

  3. Hello! I flew in transit through Delhi, did not go into the city. I had a DJI Mini 2 with me. The drone was confiscated at the airport. Has anyone come across this problem and was somehow able to solve it?

  4. Hello, my cousin is an Indian studying abroad since last year and has a dji mini 2 (nano drone : <250gms) which he has been using for the last 5 months. He will be visiting India for a month during this christmas break.
    He will be keeping the batteries, RC and propellers in cabin bag and the drone in the check-in bag. There wont be any packaging/box as it's a used drone. Can he bring his drone without any customs issue?

    • I brought it last year with me. I would suggest checkin everything except the battery and you should be good, if possible keeping the propellers, RC, and drone in a separate bag will make your custom clearance a 100% success.

  5. The Drone laws definitely need alot more work especially for tourists. The world of photography is changing rapidly and Drones is a part of that category( Tourism and Photography). DGCA need to relax rules for recreational use( Micro and Nano categories) only.

  6. Hi,

    We are french and going to india during one month and would like to know if we can bring our dji mavic mini 3 pro with us or is it prohibited for foreigners like us?


  7. I am an NRI and I live in Malaysia. I am thinking of taking my DJI Mavic 2 pro to India during December. Am I allowed to take my drone India and even if I take it how should I register my drone

  8. Hi if you are going to fly comresially in India as a foreign national is it possible to have a licensed pilot by your side or does the licensed pilot have to physically fly the drone? has certified according to eu drones rules

    • Commercial pilot authorization in India is quite complex. The regulations currently require local pilots/operators. You should check with the regulators for unusual circumstances.

  9. Hi,

    I’m Travelling from Sweden to Bengaluru Next month, (for 2 months), I’m Indian Citizen, and I will go back to Sweden in December.

    My questions is :

    1. Can I bring my DJI FPV Avata (410g) for travel purpose to BLR/India (for 2 months). (I have Drone card and registered it in Sweden)
    I will take back it when I go back to sweden, do I need to follow any procedure?


  10. So I am a student and I had an internship for 3 months and I bought the DJI Mini 3 pro (249gms) Nano category drone.
    1. Just wanted to know that if I can get it back to India without any registration or paperwork?
    2. Do I need to register or fill out any paperwork before bringing it back or can i just bring the drone back without the box.

        • Ankur, that’s probably the case. Try using a different browser, that sometimes works.
          There should be some contact information on the website. Suggest you get in touch with them and let them know about this problem.

    • Hi Rohan! I am also travelling to India with a nano drone. Could you please help me with your experience if you have returned to India?
      Thanks in advance

    • @Rohan Please share your experience for bringing drone. I bought drone outside India but I am not sure if bringing will create toruble.

  11. After the Feb ’22 notification regarding import of drones; is it still possible to get a temporary import clearance for specialized survey? From the article above the update is July ’22 and says that it is possible after necessary permissions – but the notice contradicts! Any one has clarity on this?

    • I request family for purchase DJI se or mini 2 from dubi UAE, then they go to shop and final for DJI mini Se at Rs.28000/- (below 250 grm) then they say it may shize by coustom, in airport then not bay and return in hotel,
      Tell me proper way to Bering not like drone in luage and battery in hand bag,

  12. Hi, I’m coming to india for a two week vacation. I have a DJI mini SE (249g), but I cannot get an UIN for it. Is it possible to fly my drone in India or can you guide me to obtain an UIN for my drone.

  13. Hi There,

    I am travelling to India from Australia later this year and from my research it seems I will be able unable to fly a Mavic Pro (743 grams) in India at all. Is this correct?

    Thank you

    • Under the current regulations, foreigners are not allowed to fly drones in India. Please contact the regulator to see if there has been any recent changes

    • We have been receiving mixed experience with this drone, and Nano drones in general. We have been told that import clearance is not required, however several travelers experienced problems arriving in India.

    • Hi Farhan! I am travelling to India with a drone purchased outside India very recently. Can you please share your experience about it. Thank you

  14. Hi,
    I am planning to buy a drone (DJI mini 2) from UAE, what is the import procedure needed to be followed or Import of drones are banned ?

    • The DJI Mini 2 is a Nano class drone. It does not require import clearance. Read the previous comments to see others experience

  15. Is this even an official site for drone laws. It seems like someone has just uploaded the PDF and forgot.

    This site has currenly so many unanswered question, what kind of maintainance of this page.

    If there is a fees that implied on registering a drone the atleast this site should have proper information and helpline to understand it better.

    Seems like more the confuse rules more high chance for catching at custom.

    • We provide links to regulators and suggest you check there for the latest information. If you have any corrections, or experience you would like to share, then please do so.

  16. Hi all!

    I am a Spanish national going to India next week. I have a DJI Mavic Air 2 an as a foreigner I think I cant fly it in India. Im ok with that. However, India is just one country in my list and am afraid it gests confiscated or they make me pay customs, even though I am not a resident in India, just tourist.

    Could anyone advice if this could happen pls?


    • Hi Carlos, I plan to do the same trip than yours next year. India will be only 1 country on my list trip and I’m afraid my drone will be confiscated in airport.
      Can you tell me how was your passage through Indian customs with your drone please ? I plan to take with me a dji mini 3 pro (under 250g)

  17. I wish to call for nano category drone (249gms) with my friend who is coming from US to India, is it OK to bring the drone or any import permissions are required from dgft ? as per earlier post/comments, this looks still subjective and dont find proper replies.
    I understand for flying registration is required on digisky (nano is exempted) but to bring to india through friend / relative is OK or not ?

    • What are the requirements for the import of RPAs (with or without a camera) in India?

      Any entity intending to import RPAS in India shall obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for operating in a de-licensed frequency band(s). Such approval shall be valid for a particular make and model.
      What are the requirements for the import of RPAs (with or without a camera) in India?

      Any entity intending to import RPAS in India shall obtain Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from WPC Wing, Department of Telecommunication for operating in a de-licensed frequency band(s). Such approval shall be valid for a particular make and model.
      The applicant, other than the Nano category, shall apply to DGCA along with ETA for import clearance. Based upon the import clearance issued by DGCA, DGFT shall issue a license for the import of RPAS.

  18. Hi, i am an indian citizen, living in delhi, my area lies in yellow/red zone of drone airspace.
    Can i fly a nano/ micro drone over here? Or cant fly any of the drones here?

  19. Hello

    I have purchased a dji mini 2 nano drone in USA and one of my relative is coming back to india she is india resident this month so can I get it from their with out any issues.
    If I need to get it here please suggest how can I do it.

  20. My cousin is coming from USA, he will be bringing a DJI Moni 2, which comes under nano category. Please let me know if it can be carried through with him. He is an Indian citizen. Please let me know what permission should be required to bring it with him

      • Thank you, But earlier replies does not mention about Mini 2 drone. as mini comes under 250 grams nano category, does it still require permission.

        • The under 250 grams regulations above relate to registration and operating in India. We are not aware of an exemption regarding import. Maybe one of our visitors who has previous experience with this will comment.

    • Hello env,

      Any update was he able to get the drone to india without any issues since I am also in the same situation now please guide me

      • You cannot bring or import as drone as product unless you have import licence , DGCA and DGFT clearance.

        But spares are allowed with conditions.

  21. Is it mandatory to get DGCA approved license to fly drone in green zone area..
    or working with any government projects?

  22. My DJI FPV drone is sealed at Indian customs, I was traveling from dubai to mumbai where it got confiscated. Is there any chance of me getting it back.

    Any kind of help would be appreciated

    • You may be able to retrieve the drone when you leave the country, or you will need to follow the import regulations to get it cleared for entry into India. You should contact the customs organization for specifics

  23. I came to India on 3rd Feb 2022 (before the drone import ban date which was on 9th Feb 2022) and carried my DJI Mini 2 (Nano Drone) with me. I signed up as an operator in Digital Sky platform. Then only I figured out that I need an existing DAN to add serial numbers of my drone to get a UIN. But DAN registration ended on Dec 2021 and not currently open. Now I am stuck in the process of adding my drone to the digital sky platform. Import of Nano drones were not prohibited yet registration process is halted, which doesn’t seem to make any sense logically. Are the people handling this so illogical? What do I do in my situation now in order to fly my nano drone?

    • i was having the same issue, i tried to email them but got this reply

      Digital Sky Support via gov.in
      25 Mar 2022, 13:25 (2 days ago)
      to me

      Dear Sir,

      Greetings from DigitalSky Support!!!!
      Please be informed that, As per the new guide lines enlisting(DAN) of drone is discontinued form 30th Nov 2021, Request you to wait till further notification from DGCA.

      Thanks and Regards,

      DigitalSky Support

  24. I am Russian tourist currently staying in Sri Lanka wit my drone (Mini 2, weight 249g). Next months I planning to visit India. So, how to resolve it carrying my drone already? I use the drone for my personal/family filming only.

      • So I came across your article. You say you can’t fly drones as a foreigner, but I can’t see where you found this. I have read the “Drone rules 2021” but I don’t see anything regarding foreigners. Do you have like a page number where I can find this?

        • Guus – Please note that foreigners are not qualified because – “No individual other than a holder of a valid remote pilot license enlisted on the digital sky platform shall operate an unmanned aircraft system.”

  25. Hi..
    After reading all the comments my understanding is that If I wish to buy a nano drone from USA and I can bring it to India without any paper work. Once I reach India same needs to be registered before flying. Pls advise if anything else needs to be done before or on arrival in an Indian Airport?

      • Thanks for the reply. I’m not importing one. I’ll be buying one from the US and bringingit to India by myself.

        My question is that whether I could bring it to India without any other paper work other than registering it before I use it for the first time.

        • Does this term Import apply for personally bringing the drone to India ?
          Can we not purchase the drone in usa and bring it with us in flight back to India ?

          • So, the definition of import is bring something into a country. Doesn’t matter if you are bringing it with you or via post.

            This is where all the confusions happen.

            The question always stays related to “temporary” personal use. Because ideally if I get something in the country to use it only for myself; it is normally not considered as a product applicable for custom. Assuming that you will take it back with you when you will return.

            Now if the country had completely banned a product; you can’t even enter the country without it. Which is lame as one buy all those drones in India. No problem. But you can’t bring it in even if you take it back. Anyway, legal rules are not always logical.

            Custom (mostly for collecting bribe) will challenge you asking; how to guaranty that you will not sell it in India to someone? And there is no answer to that. I had this problem and some of my friends have such problem with a 20 years old camera. He thrown the camera in the dustbin with anger.

            So unless you are happy to loose your drone or ready to pay heavy bribe; don’t bother bringing it in. I will probably take one of my old drone that I don’t use and has no market value. If they push me; I will break it in front of them and give it to their hand.

            Honestly guys; you know how things work in India. Don’t take chances. You might be in deep trouble. They can call you a spy or a smuggler or whatever to get some cash out of you. Probably not worth the risk.

  26. Hi, my friend is coming from Singapore with DJI mini2 drone.
    In regards with current drone ban; can he carry drone with him ?
    Will he face any issues at airport?

  27. Planing for holiday trip back to India from Thailand. My Dji Mini 2 is registered under CAAT (Thailand) + Insurance. Do i need to register my device again with DGCA in India to fly or not necessary. Thank you

    • Our understanding is that registration is not required for Nano drones, assuming you are an Indian citizen. You may have to get import clearance to take the drone into India.

      • The current setup on the DigitalSky platform does not allow custom made drones to be registered/ issued UIN even if these were issued a DAN earlier.
        In general MRPAs are self made but the regulations & the platform are not very clear on the approach for these.

  28. Hello, i stay and work in Thailand, planning to travel India for a month, i have got Dji mini 2, my drone is registered and licensed under CAAT, i also got insurance for it too. Will there be a problem traveling to India back forth? Thank you

  29. Hi Team,
    My cousin in coming from Dubai and i asked her to purchase a nano drone.
    Is there anything i need to assure so that it will not stuck in customs?

    • The regulations saya you need an ETA from the Ministry of Communications, but don’t need an import approval from DGCA for Nano drones. However in practice, there seem to be various approaches take by authorities when Nano drones are being imported (see previous comments). We recommend contacting DGCA and getting their guidance which can be used upon arrival.

    • Alex, please see our section for Foreign Operators. Foreign operators are not allowed to operate RPAS in India currently. You may also need an import license to take that Drone into India.

  30. Can you tell me the complete process and documents required for the application of RPTO and how long will it take it to complete the process for registration.

  31. Hi ,
    I have registered Air2S previously , already have DAN and OAN.
    Shall I still need UIN ? For the same drone ?
    What is the difference between DAN and UIN.
    What are the approved documents for registering in Digitalsky ?
    In my case after registering , on profile completion page it is asking for Indian Passport !! I do not have , and stuck there.Without profile completion , there is no option to get UIN.Why passport is mandatory ?
    With this kind of complication , we are going back to analog sky

  32. Hi,
    Previously I have registered my Air2S in (https://dronelising.dgca.gov.in) with my Aadhar detail and Drone pictures .That was smooth , no money involved and completed within 20min.Got OAN and DAN instantly.
    Now when I open the same site to register a new Mavic3 , it is showing “Sorry! As per Drone Rules, 2021, issuance of DAN has been discontinued with effect from 01 Dec 2021”. Now upon registering on digitalsky , it is asking for profile completion before let me do anything , and for this proccess passport is mandatory !!! which I do not have.Now I am stuck , WTF is going on here !!! PAN option is there for nothing.
    I am not using my drones for any type of comercial purpose at all.It is fully for personal use.
    Can any one guide me if registration is required for Air2S and Mavic3 ?
    Why deposite money is required.?
    Do I need to re-register Air2S again ? I already have DAN for that.
    Without passport what to do ?

  33. As per the new rule updated on Jan 22. Nano drones need not be registered.

    Is this instruction just for personal use or for commercial as well?

    • Our understanding is that all commercial use drones must follow the commercial authorization process (regardless of drone size).

  34. Hello

    I want to take my drone to abroad for traveling and making contact, will giving declaration at the customs while leaving India will be enough

    • Tanay, we don’t have any specific details on regulations for leaving India with a drone and returning with that drone. We recommend you contact the customs, and import agencies mentioned above to clarify your specific steps. You must also follow the regulations for the destination.
      Please come back and share what you learned.
      Best wishes

  35. Hi team,
    My cousin is coming to India from Canada next month. She bought an DJI air 2S (microdrone) and using it for week now. Does Carring the drone to India require any documents or can she bring it as it was unboxed and used already which make it an no import for sale. Please provide clear solution.

    • Bala you will need an import license and the drone must be registered. Please see the information above, or contact the authorities (links provided above).

  36. Hi I am a non commercial Drone enthusiast. I have a Skydio2 that I wish to take with me to my travel to Chennai, India for 3 weeks. I only wish to fly my drone up to 50 ft max for recreational purposes. From the above I understand that it may fall under the Micro UAV category and if I read properly it states no registration is required but I want to ask the experts for information and if I can take it or not. Thank you in advance.

  37. Hi we are planning to buy Agriculture drone from China. Understood that need Import license required for buy. we are not registered . what is the process need to be followed. your input will help us definitely.

    • Please follow the section above: Notes for operating Commercial Drone Services in India
      You should contact the DGCA for more details

  38. I have recently purchased DJI MINI 2 from Amazon.uk and now it is with Bangalore customs. DHL is asking for type certificate, but as per recent amendements on drone rules which was published on 25th august 2021, Nano drones do not require anything. They can be imported without any clearance.

          • Thank you for the response Merlin. I have forwarded the same circular which was published on 25th August 2021 and still I did not get any positive response. Can you help me with any old DJI MINI 2 ETA which I can use it to release my drone from customs?

          • Pankaj, here is the complete process:
            1. ETA (Equipment Type Approval Certificate) is provided by WPC Wing, DOT (Department of Telecommunication)

            You may be able to apply for a self-declared ETA here: https://saralsanchar.gov.in/wpc_eta_report.php
            You can also search the site to see if your drone was previously declared and download a copy of an ETA there.
            Else, you have to follow these steps (provided by another volunteer):

            A). ETA form (submitted to local RLO – Regional Licensing. Officer)
            B) Product RF Test Report. available for download on their website. dji.com/euro-compliance/
            C) Product Specs and Manual/Catalog – available for download on their website for each category.
            D) Self Declaration (ETA) for application with details for your use, address, and registration, and undertaking that you have applied to only their particular RLO.
            E) Authorisation letter from manufacturer to apply for Drone Registration to be submitted. (This one we need from DJI). This can be a simple format of your drone details and authorization that you have purchased from DJI and all the product catalog/manual and specs as specified with the product.
            F) A payment of Rs. 10,000/- to. bharatkosh.gov.in and attach the receipt in the application to your respective RLO. (under Ministry TELECOMMUNICATIONS) and purpose ETA.

            Getting an ETA takes at least 30 days from RLO. WPC Wing, DOT.

            2. Import Security Clearance ( A security clearance from DGCA)
            This process is easy as DJI does not need to provide anything and you will need to fill in all the details and submit a Self Declaration Form and Product Details to their website esahaj.gov.in. This one requires no payment and totally online.
            (If a company, then Company PAN CARD AND Incorporation certificate along with TAN.)

            3. Import Licence from DGFT
            This you will get when you submit a copy of ETA and Security Clearance from DGCA. A copy includes all the product Details, Invoices, and Bank statement/Credit Card (from where you purchased) to be attached in their form. They will send you Import clearance and then you can import the drone.

            4. Drone Registration
            you can go to digitalsky.dgca.gov.in and apply with all details and payment of Rs. 1000/- to Bharat Kosh under Ministry Civil Aviation and Tourism, ETA.

          • Thank you so much for providing steps for ETA. I wanted to confirm one thing that as per the new circular, ETA fee has been reduced from Rs.10000 to Rs.100. Is that correct?

          • Our information shows 10,000. Please let us know if there has been a change and where we can find that information. Thanks

          • Please see the below circular which was published on 25th AUG 2021.

            PART XII
            46. Fee.— The fee payable for the services specified in column (2) of the Table below, rendered by the
            Central Government under these rules, shall be as specified in the corresponding column (3) of the said
            Table, namely:––
            Sl. No Services Fee (in Rupees)
            (1) (2) (3)
            1. Issuance of type certificate 100
            2. Issuance, transfer or deregistration of unique identification number—100
            3. Issuance or renewal of remote pilot license–100
            4. Authorization or renewal of authorization of remote pilot training

          • However, it is still showing Rs.10000 on the website. I still do not how to get my shipment back from customs department.

        • I have informed them the same, however they replied me with” We submitted your clarification letter along with all the provided documents to customs but as per customs instruction please provide DGFT notification. As per DGFT notification and Customs tariff , Required ETA approval from WPC wing and NOC from department of telecommunication” Can you please help me with that? Do you have any circular from DGFT which states that nano drones do not require any sort of clearance.

          • Pankaj
            Please see the relevant section from the regulations (in English) which we will attach below. You can find the actual regulations by using the link at the top of the page, and there is a Hindi and English version at that link. You may wish to send them that pdf and point out the relevant section.
            Section of India Drone Regulaations regarding exemption of Nano registration

  39. hello bro i am planing to buy drnes from online sites like aliexpress and alibaba but willl i have cutsoms problem even if i have is there any ways to get the drone to me

    • If it’s a nano, then there are no import requirements, only registration when you receive it. For other drones, you should get an import permit, and then provide details to the shipper/seller.

      • how to get the import permit becoz i am planing to buy a micro drone not nano so how shall i get permit btw i planing to use the drone for personal use u know for fun not for commercial purpose so wht should i doo

        • You will need import clearance from DGCA, then follow the registration procedures at digitalsky once the drone arrives in India.

  40. Hello,
    I am trying to purchase DJI Air 2s from a seller who is not giving a bill but will be giving a warranty card. Will this much of information be enough to register on Digital Sky??
    Could you please help?


  41. Hi I would like to register my DJI FPV Drone, I am an Indian Citizen & already have one old drone registered. however digital sky now shows this message : Sorry! As per Drone Rules, 2021, issuance of DAN has been discontinued with effect from 01 Dec 2021
    How can I register, Please help, I will be travelling in 2 weeks, this is a surprise for me.

    • Please read previous comments on this. Contact digitalsky diretly to find an alternative to registering your drone. Please come back and share your experience.

  42. One of my cousin who came from US on 28th of November 2021 brought me a unboxed Nano drone (DJI Mini 2), at the time of customs they didn’t even asked any question and i received it on 2nd of December 2021. So can you please tell me how can i register now with DGCA

    • Congratulations Bharat. Please follow the link near the top to Digitalsky which is where you register your drones. Follow the instructions there

      • Thanks for the quick turnaround. i didn’t find an option to register in digital sky website. there is only one option to declare existing drones that to with the last date as 30th November 2021. if i try to click it its saying
        “Sorry! As per Drone Rules, 2021, issuance of DAN has been discontinued with effect from 01 Dec 2021”. Later i tried “I want to use UAS” option and created complete profile along with supporting documents, i tried to add UAS after adding all the SNO and model details its asking for DAN which i don’t have. So I’m confused how and where i can register now. If you can please provide me the details.

  43. Can I bring Micro drone to India from USA for a short term visit to India? your regulation says that it does not require license. Then what else is required? If there are many restrictions, Can I keep the drone in secured place in the airport and take it back while returning? Please help me on that. I have only 6 hours to go to the airport.

    • Sorry we are not able to provide answers in real-time or such short notice because we are a volunteer team.
      We always suggest contacting the authorities directly in every case where there is some uncertainty or ambiguity, and then coming back and sharing your experience so others can learn from it.
      Please read the comments. At least one person has received nano drones in India.

      • Hi,

        I have nano drone which I have bought in Australia and I want to gift someone in India. Do I need to register it before landing in India.

        • Pranita, we are told that you can bring the nano into India without pre-registration but must register before flying.

    • Charles, even though it’s easier to bring a Nano drone to India, foreigners are not allowed to fly drones. If you can find a way to get an exemption, please come back and share

    • Deepak, it appears that Nano drones can be imported without DGCA approval, however, we would expect there will be complications when the drone goes through customs clearance. The regulations have recently been updated and are still somewhat in flux on this matter.

      Please come back and share your experience.

  44. Fundamentally, can someone buy a drone in the US and carry it to India and go through customs without any issues? They can then register themselves and fly the drone. Please advice!

    • Prashanth, You will have to declare the drone upon arrival. Our understanding is that drones, except for those classified as nano, require import permission. We recommend you follow the importation process recommended by DGCA. Contact them for details. Please come back and share your experience for others to learn

  45. Needed more clarity on flying drone within an enclosed space such as big convention centers. Do we need permission for flying nano or micro drones within enclosed spaces?

    • Kanwal, our understanding is that the regulations do not apply to private enclosed spaces. However, you must get permission from the owner of the enclosed space.

  46. You have mentioned that registration is required for all but nano drones in India. However, in the latest rules, there is no exemption provided to nano drones.

    Kindly re-check and update your blog

    • Rohit, Nano are exempt from type certificate requirements, and the pilot licensing. It is not exempt from registration, and our last update reflected this. We checked and this is still our reading of the regulations.

        • Divya, we are not aware of a penalty for late registration. We recommend your friend register the drone using the Digitalsky link.

  47. The drone laws and regulations change very frequently, reflecting that this is an area where technology evolves very fast.
    Your information is undated and outdated: You describe the rules of 2020, but on 27 August, a totally changed rule set was implemented, liberalising the Indian market.
    You should take down this misleading post, and going forward, always put a publication date on postings + links to your documentation.

    • Thank you for your comment. We are a team of volunteers who work through reviewing all the locations to check for updates. Our previous update of India Drone Regulations was just prior to the August change.
      We have updated the page to reflect current regulations as of November 9, 2021. While some clarifications have been added and a few new requirements added, the gist of the regulations has not changed significantly. Please review and tell us where you think we have missed in our update.
      Our source data is always linked on each page. Please see the links at the top of the page.
      And, thanks for the suggestion regarding dating the updates. We will start including this in our workflow.


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